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Good night images in English

 👯👹I wish I may...I wish I might...I 👯👹wonder what I wish tonight...Hm-mm I wonder? Goodnight, sweet dreams

My dad is going to👽 gift me his credit card on my 👯birthday! Good night!

👯💖I am the one who can run against the wind. 👻👰I am the one who can turn everything as I want to. Good night and sweet dreams!
Good night images in English


Goodnight 👇 to the 💁mighty Hercules of👳👹 my mortal life! I love you, darling!

Love 👪 is the simpler feeling, I dream every night about you I💙 want to capture your heart ... I love you.👽

 I hope 👇👧God guides and protects your family as always. Good night
Good night pictures in English


Don’t lose hope today. 👧You can never tell what tomorrow👧has in store for us. Good night Fam

👸Dear Heart, it is time to go to rest. 👸👸I need to close my eyes in deep rest

👸Either my bed is calling my name or👸 I’m hearing those voices again

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👱My boss asks me what do you want most in my life? 👷👲I said I want to be your boss now! Good night!

 💗Remember to remember me as 👴💗you sleep, so that I can stay in your dream tonight. Sweet dreams

💗I want peace also and money also!👴💗 Good night with true dreams!

👲I am the wolf. A wolf can transform itself into whatever it wants to. 👲👽Happy moon good night!

Touch your heart,👴👴👴 close your eyes, make a wish, say good night.

👽👾Don't lose hope you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Good night pictures in English


👲My dear husband, you are the moon 👸👱👸👱of my skies. Have a restful night!

👷👲👴If someone wishes you goodnight 👷👲every day, you're happier than so many people.

👸👱Good night all! if you're lucky enough to dream about me tonight, 👸👱congratulations. If not…don’t worry there’s always tomorrow.

👲Good night Whatsapp friends near and far.👲 Praying you all to have a restful night and a new blessing tomorrow.

💗I wish that the wind will make you feel 👽👾the warmth of my embrace and love tonight. I love you honey, have a good night’s rest!

👲I wish I may...I wish I might.👯👹 I wonder what I wish tonight...Hmmm, I wonder? Goodnight, sweet dreams
pictures Good night  in English


 Keep calm and snore as you sleep. Good night

You make my day bright and beautiful and you make my night so special in a loving way. Good night my love. God be with you

Each night that I spent 👯👹without you is the coldest of all my nights. Can’t wait for you to be home soon. Goodnight!

Going to meet two old friends, Pillow and Blanket. They know me well and can ALWAYS make me feel better. GOOD NIGHT.

I am not alone. 👯👹 I just want to be in the company of true and soulful people. Good night!
pictures Good night  in English


👴💗Night brings our troubles to the light, rather than banishes💗 them.

Tonight,👴💗 I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart.

Oops! Ouch, I fell from bed Trying to reach my phone just to Say sweet dreams and💗 good night to you. Sleep tight.

👲I know that a day will come where 👯👹we will not have to ever say goodbye, but a good night

I just want to pass out like a drunk on my bed. 💗Good night people

 Your last seen was 2 minutes ago. You should be asleep by now. Good night

Got an appointment to 👴💗see the backside of my eyes, be back around sunrise

👲 I want to fantasize today. Good night

I wish you could understand me. If we could, we could be of each other. Loving you much. Good night!

Good night  pictures  English 

True love rarely comes. If it 👯👹comes, you should not leave it. Good night my love!

Please don’t let a bad day convince you that👲you have a bad life. Good Night.

That’s it for me, I hear my bed call so sweet dreams my 💗friends, and good night to all.

I am thankful that this day comes to an end with you wrapped in my arms.

All good things must come to an end, this 👲day included. Good Night all

When I first saw you, I fall for you. As I felt for you, I never felt for anyone. Sweet dreams. Good night! 

Why in love it is hard to say to each other that you love someone.💗 Loveliest good night!

👯👹 I wish I was around you so we could both say good night on the same bed. Good night from here to there

Even when I am not there, God is always 👲there! He will protect you as always. Good night

Good night  pictures  English 

The day is over.. and I am over the day... 👲Good night, sweet dreams.

I promise I will be forever for you there. Love and Good night!

I wish that even just in our dreams, we will be together tonight my💗 sweet love. Have a good rest, my beloved.

I wish I could be there to hold u tight,👯👹 instead of saying this loving GOOD NIGHT.

Dear sleep, I know we had problems when I 💗was younger but I love you now.

Good night sun and welcome moon. Please stay with me all through the night

The night is the wonderful time of the day given by God to us so we could rest after a working day. Good night people, sweet dreams

The night is the covering sheet of all my 👲sadness. Good night

👴💗I am sure you know there is no sleep for me. Unless, of course, I say good night.

Good night world. See you in the morning

The night is cold, I wish I could just hug you now

You draw out the darkness within me just like how 👲the moon and the stars draw out the darkness of the night. Good night my one sweet loves!

Going to a wonderful place where👯👹 I am rich and skinny and people don’t piss me off Good night sweet dreams.

Goodnight to the lovely angel who chose to stay here on earth and become the woman of my life.

👴💗A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a 💗friend like you making my everyday seems so great. Good night and sweet dreams.

You are the reason why I have sleepless nights, 👲why I tend to hold my pillow tight and I can't sleep without saying good night.

If in our destiny written, we would find again 👴💗each other, again in love. Lovely good night!

Life is a story. Just make the best memories for it, 💗the real ones. Good night and sweet dreams!

I want you to have a great night’s sleep. 👯👹I also want you to aim to go the entire night without snoring

My bed is calling my name so I am ready to tuck in the blanket and feel warm. Good night my dear Facebook and stay💗 warm
Good night images


Every night I love coming back home. 💗Because home is being in your arms. Good night my love.

I am sorry for not being able to hold and sleep beside you, but always remember you are my only love. Goodnight dear.

Sweet Dreams Sleep Tight, I love you & Good Night.

I just want to hug you, embrace you 👯👹in my arms. I just want to feel you. Sparkling Good night to you!

Before you go to sleep, do not forget to say thanks for everything good that has happened to you in the last 24 hours. I am thankful at the moment for you.

I am your werewolf, always be protecting you. 💗Good night my girl!

Every night, I go to sleep with this feeling that I am lucky to have the best husband in the world.

👯👹In my eyes, you are the sunshine and all that’s 👴💗beautiful in this universe. Good night, sweetheart.

👲We always are in every birth of each other. Love and hugs. Good night!

We were good when were friends. We ruined we were lovers. 💗Hope to understand. Good night!

You are in pain too and I am in pain too.👴💗 Why couldn’t we talk? Waiting for you. Good night!
Good night images


Since you aren’t here with me, here is a 💗long-distance hug, charge-free. Good night and sleep well, my sweet husband.

Losing a girl that is destined for you is the 💗gravest loss of your life. Sober Good night!

The Roses are red. Violets are blue.👯👹 Sleep well tonight until the day is anew. Good night!

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